It’s an election result that is like “nothing in history,” yet it is reminding some of the “hanging chad” controversy in Florida during the 2000 Bush-Gore election recount.

After losing control of Virginia’s state legislature by exactly one vote, Republicans have somehow convinced a Circuit Court to count a weird, heavily-marked ballot in their favor, making the crucial race a tie.

In the race to win the state’s 94th District, Democrat Shelly Simonds beat Republican David Yancey 11,608 votes to 11,607, according to a tally from the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project. With the win, Democrats usurped a decades-long GOP control of Virginia’s legislature.

But the final tally now stands at 11,608 to 11,608.

A lawyer for Yancey brought the following ballot to the attention of 3 judges:

The vote was eventually counted for Yancey. But that’s a total rip-off, because look at the rest of the ballot. The voter chose only one candidate for Governor, Ed Gillespie, and made the same line through his circle as they did through Simonds’ circle.

Yet the vote was somehow judged to have been cast for the Republican.

Now, experts are saying that the all-important race may be decided by drawing lots, or even a coin toss!

If that’s not overturning a fair democratic result with chicanery and deception, we don’t know what is.


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