As President Trump has not only abandoned all the moral leadership that has always been an important part of the role of the President of The United States but, in fact, has actually gone beyond abandonment to become an actual example of corrupt behavior, former President Barack Obama continues to step in to fill the breach in public discourse.

Obama’s latest series of tweets is the perfect example.

Obama knows we’ve had a rough year and seeks to inspire us by pointing us towards the bright side of life despite the seemingly dire circumstances. Here are the stories he gives as examples of the higher consciousness that we can maintain if we strive for it.

If you weren’t inspired by these three stories that Obama sets up as exemplars of how we should try to make the world better, the former President gives an explicit call to action n his conclusion.

While our current President may not have the ability to bring Americans together and motivate them to be their best selves (to put it the most charitable way possible), at least we have a former President who can stand up and say the things that need to be said and push us towards positivity despite the gloomy outlook that all things Trump engender.

  1. Audrey Dunham

    My point to all Americans find God soon due to fires, tornadoes, floods, mass murders
    Get trump to stop bullying, mocking, slandering, name calling and blaming urgently.
    bless you.

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