MSNBC news host Joy Reid published an epic Twitter thread following the release of President Trump’s recent interview with the New York Times.  The interview caught everyone by surprise, first and foremost because it was with the Times,  publication with which the president has been incredibly hostile, but also for his calculated language and his trademark self-promotional flourishes with little if any basis in facts.

As many as 24 claims Trump made in the 30 minute interview have been rated false or misleading by the Washington Post, and more than a few experts have commented on the president’s mental state after reading the transcripts released by the New York Times.

Joy Reid took a slightly different tack.  She began her flurry with an observation about the president’s tone in the interview, saying, “Trump speaks a lot like a child does. Lots of focus on who likes him, who loves him, who is his friend… his biographers all emphasize his deep desire to be loved & it comes through.”

In a subsequent set of tweets, she focused on what she called Trump’s “autocrat’s impulse” when it came to governing, adding that “He literally adopted a “Godfather” phraseology to all but say Democrats could have avoided blue state tax hikes via SALT if they had “come to him” to plead for his largesse.”

After more pointed observations, like how he appears to believe his presidency is one huge reality show, she finishes with a warning to Democrats about the lose-lose proposition of working with President Trump.

“If Democrats go along, it will only feed his grandiosity. If they don’t, it feeds his rage and opens the black hole of vengeance inside him, which he could take out on them, vulnerable populations, maybe other countries (war is still not unthinkable…) I just don’t know.”

“It’s absolutely stunning,” she concludes, “that this is what’s happening. But it is what’s happening.”

You can read the entire tweet storm below.


  1. Kathryn

    Thank you, Joy, for your incredible insight. I enjoy your show and whenever you sub for Rachel or Lawrence. You are an excellent interpreter of news and a talented interviewer. This NY Times interview is chilling and should put every concerned citizen wary of what is to come in 2018.

  2. Mari

    trump has dementia along with other menyal illness. I hate him, but I do think its sad that no one in his family, his administration or his party, has done a thing to help him. Maybe the doctor at his physical will say something, but I doubt it. We will suffer while he suffers

  3. When I heard he did an interveiw with the New York times my mouth droped !! This President is making a fool out of everyone I don’t understand why the times even gave him the time of day!! That made a fool out of them.. He is so scared of what could happen that he wanted people to think everyone loves him!! No mr. president you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time!! So guess what you haven’t fool the majority of the people in this country . We are all sick and tired of your lies so don’t bother trying to pond them off to us anymore!! Your had and you know it. You can keep saying you didn!t collude with Russia but the more you say it the more guilty you become . Good luck but its not working with the peopke of this country!!

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