Trump supporters have taken to social media to warn of consequences if Trump is not invited to the forth coming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“Trying to humiliate our President will backfire badly and all Trump’s enemies will regret why they did it. So all we ask is that common sense prevails and Trump is invited to the wedding,” wrote Mary Wiggins, a self described “soccer mom” and “deplorable” on Facebook.

Allan Williams, who describes himself as a grass roots campaigner and deplorable wrote in the “Trump Troopers” Facebook group that: “If they can invite Obama and Michelle to the Royal wedding then they must invite Trump also. Trump is the President and not Obama so it makes no sense to invite Obama and not invite Trump. Surely, Trump will pay back good measure for good measure. Let them try and humiliate Trump, he will use his power as President of the United states to punish all his enemies and haters!”

James Olken, a Conservative radio host claimed the issue will affect trade deals with the United Kingdom or affect the joint training exercises of the US and UK troops. He said: “The royal wedding is an opportunity for the UK officials to meet Trump on the sidelines of the event and share ideas, bond and forge even stronger ties. Trying to stop Trump from attending the wedding will be a missed opportunity for Britain. It is actually a shame that Obama and his wife have been invited and the current President hasn’t. Obama did nothing but destroy our economy, ruin job prospects, and actually made the UK-US relationship even worse than it was. It is Trump who is trying to rebuild the UK-US relationship and they are trying to sabotage him. It’s unacceptable!”

It has been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not want Trump at their wedding but at the same time the British Government is piling pressure on them to invite him.

Also, the British public do not want Trump to set foot in Britain and millions of anti-Trump protestors are expected to pour onto the streets of London should Trump visit. Already, Trump’s state visit to the UK has been postponed three times after millions of Britons reacted badly at the news of his visit.


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