For quite some time now, it’s been clear that Mike Pence willfully lied to the American public in an attempt at protecting Michael Flynn and covering up Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. That means Pence is guilty of obstruction of justice and maybe a lot more. The big question has been whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller would try to take Pence down along with Trump, or wait to tackle Pence until after Trump has been ousted. Now we’re getting our answer.

Mike Pence’s people are preparing him for what they believe is an inevitable interview with Mueller, according to details buried pretty far down the page in a lengthy new CNN online report (link). Mueller now has Michael Flynn on his side, and Flynn’s testimony and evidence are enough to incriminate Pence. Make no mistake: if Mueller is sitting down with Pence while he’s still investigating Trump, it’s to try to nail Pence. So where does this go?

Flynn is admitting that he was notifying the Trump transition team in real time about his efforts to get the Russian Ambassador to delay the Russian government’s sanctions response. Mike Pence was the head of the transition team. So unless the entire team conspired to keep this information from Pence, which is not a believable scenario, Pence knew that Flynn was committing crimes. That means Pence lied a month later when he claimed he had no knowledge of Flynn doing anything wrong.

Someone on the transition team will cut a deal and confirm that Mike Pence knew what Michael Flynn was up to. Throw in the fact that Congress notified Pence about some of Flynn’s crimes back in November of 2016, and Pence is hosed. Is Robert Mueller seeking to force Pence to cut a deal against Trump and resign the vice presidency? Only Mueller knows – but it’s clear Pence knows he’s in jeopardy.

  1. Vincent Watts

    Go get em’ Mr Mueller. Get em’ GOOD!!!

    1. Winona Samuelson

      Right on and don’t waste any time doing it

    2. Pushpa Deshmukh

      Yes, Mr. Mueller, this Mikey is another complicit people taught by his wifey “to hold his nose and nod all the time.

  2. sophia sonen

    sure hope this is factual!

    1. Susan gertz

      Hope the wheels of justice spin to include all deplorables in our govt who have, in any way, jeopardized our citizens and country! So unfair to the honest guy who works everyday, pays taxes and assumes govt there for him. It is hideous. Make Pense religious? Really?

  3. Fjaere

    Hope this is real. We are in a huge crisis here in America and your assistance in getting to the truth of matters is sincerely appreciated.

  4. Dr HS Wilder

    Important, but first we need a Democratic majority in Congress so that a Democrat becomes Potus and the other dotards in the line of succession are dumped by the new Potus appointing intelligent people to cabinet posts to correct the destruction of State Dept, Ed. Dept.

  5. Charles Ridley

    Pence and many other Republicans should fry right along with Trump for as the year has passed that Trump has been in office we have seen nothing but Republican after Republican fall in line behind Trump lying one after the other to back up one of Trumps lies to the point of calling Democrats who call Trump out on his lies liars themselves and doing it without a bit of shame or thought about committing crimes against their oath of office as a Congressman of the United States of America and by doing so they have disgraced the very trust for which the people put in them when they elected them to serve and represent them as their Congressmen and women in the great halls of Washington D.C..

  6. sure hope it’s true i’d like to see the trump crime family in jail

  7. Ruth C Uppena

    Oh God, please make this real!

  8. taking them both out is the ONLY way the sewer can be drained !

  9. Irene Lucia

    Great! Just what I hoped for. Now if he could just go after Paul Ryan too I would be so happy.

  10. dwayne

    Hurry up and make it all happen before there is nothing left of this country through bankruptcy and destroying the Constitution.



  12. Michelle

    Dirty Dogs, every one of them. Go get em, Mueller!
    Sooner is better!!!

  13. Jeff Urdank

    Robert Mueller sir. You are my hero. Keep goin. Lock em’ all up and throw the key away. They’re scum.

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