Former reality show star Donald Trump is the least popular president in history at this point in his so-called presidency. Usually, little kids don’t know much about politics, but with Trump at the helm creating chaos every day, children seem to be more engaged in current events. In the latest example, Jimmy Kimmel had an interviewer ask some children how Trump was doing so far.

One child said “Great!” “What do you think he’s done that’s so great?” the interviewer asked. “To save the world,” the kid replied. “He saved the world? From what?” the interviewer followed up. “From harmony,” he answered.


We rate that child’s last remark ‘true.’

One child weighed in to say how disappointed she is over Trump’s idea of erecting a wall along the Southern border. She said she doesn’t like the idea of a wall because she “loves going to Mexico.”

One child was particularly concerned about Trump directly threatening North Korea on Twitter.

“I think he needs to stop threatening North Korea,” one child said. “Because I don’t want to get nuked.”

The interviewer asked one young girl if she thinks Trump is “smart” to which she quickly replied, “No.” When asked “why not?” she said it’s because “he treats people badly.”

A boy was asked what nice thing he can think of about Trump. “He has kind of cool hair,” the child said but added that his hair was cooler.

After Trump has given so many of his critics disparaging nicknames, one young girl was asked to give one to the so-called president. “Poop face,” she replied.

Another child nicknamed Trump “Mr. Tiny Hands.” Another child replied, “Cheeto.”


One child did an impersonation of Trump, saying, “It’s going to be greaaaaatt!”

The response from the boy who was concerned about Trump starting a nuclear war was heartbreaking, though. A child shouldn’t have to worry about that.


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