As tragic as it is that we have a president who can’t remember the things he says from one minute to the next, it sure is handy when you’re trying to catch him in a lie. And there has never been a president caught in quite as many lies and Donald J. Trump.

Friday’s lie, however, could cost him dearly.

After Robert Mueller’s special counsel announced the indictments of 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian entities for conspiracy, bank fraud, and identity theft, Trump’s lawyer John Dowd was quick to issue a statement declaring that the president was “happy” with the indictments, and that they think he “found the culprits” and “did a good job.”

We’ve had a lot of faith in Bob Mueller and his team and it makes you feel good when they do a good job. They got these bastards who tried to hurt the country.”

Clearly the president and his lawyer believe that these indictments somehow exonerate Trump, as though this will conclude the investigation. In fact, Donald took to Twitter to celebrate the “victory” of having been “cleared” by the Friday charges against foreign nationals:

It’s a funny thing, though, time. It tends to erase the memory of things we’ve said and done if they don’t suit us in the moment. That seems to happen to Donald Trump a lot, in fact, but in this case, the fact that he’s leaning on dates to prove he couldn’t have been involved in the Russian interference is… well, it’s hilarious.

Here he is in February:

By early March, he was at least warming up to the idea:

And by the end of the month, he was on board:

So his timeline is more than a little bit off here. In fact, if you do a Twitter “advanced search” on the word “running” in Trump’s timeline, you get a whole ARRAY of tweets throughout the year that year — and even all the way back in 2013, well before Mueller’s indictments reach back to. How much looking around was Trump doing while he was in Moscow just after he sent this:

Maybe Trump and his lawyer should re-think their defense.


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