Today was a rough one for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as she struggled to defend Donald Trump and provide answers about why Trump’s former campaign aide, Sam Nunberg, spilled the beans on Trump on live television. Clearly, all the pressure adds up eventually, and Huckabee Sanders was looking for a target to unleash all her anger and frustration on.

That target just happened to be CNN’s Jim Acosta, who was subjected to an angry tweet from Sanders. Earlier in the day, Acosta had called Huckabee Sanders out during her press pool for ignoring him and not taking questions from CNN for the third press briefing in a row. As Huckabee Sanders tried to end the briefing, Acosta tried to get a word in and Huckabee Sanders responded by walking out on him. As soon as the briefing ended, Acosta made sure to report the press secretary’s unjust treatment on Twitter:

Perhaps with Trump right by her side coaching her along, Huckabee Sanders erupted in anger a few hours later and attacked Acosta in a response on Twitter. Lashing out at Acosta for suggesting that she lacked “courage,” Huckabee Sanders invoked the two veterans who had been in the briefing to get back at the CNN reporter.


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