Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is heating up, but because of the staffing chaos that seems to have plagued the rest of his administration, the president now finds himself with virtually no qualified attorneys left to defend him in the Russia probe.

Trump’s top personal lawyer, John Dowd, resigned last week. Reports say he’d grown frustrated with Trump’s unwillingness to heed his legal advice, including his view that an interview with Mueller would be too risky.

And shortly after announcing that Trump was adding two new lawyers to his legal team, personal Trump attorney Jay Sekulow had to walk back the announcement, saying the two wouldn’t be working on the special counsel investigation after all because of “conflicts” with their other clients.

During an analysis of these facts, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow on Wednesday delivered a chilling warning to Trump, addressing the president directly and saying that a “legal hurricane” could be on the verge of taking down his administration.

The MSNBC host pointed to new special counsel filings showing that Trump’s campaign manager and deputy campaign manager were “in frequent contact” with Russian military intelligence.

With much of the focus being on the obstruction aspect of Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation, the court filings Maddow cited on Wednesday show that the special counsel is still aggressively tackling the collusion angle.

As Maddow notes, this no longer speculation. Mueller is telling us that he’s investigating Trump’s campaign manager and deputy campaign manager for direct ties with Russian intelligence in 2016.

Add this to the already-solid case that Trump has obstructed justice, and the President of the United States appears to be in some pretty serious legal trouble – a “legal hurricane,” as Maddow ominously said on her show.

Watch the video below:

With all these troubles, there is no legal team in place to protect Trump from Mueller.

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