Rachel Maddow is now the #1 show on cable news after she finished with more total viewers than any show on Fox News in March.

– “All In with Chris Hayes” (8-9pm) averaged 1,985,000 total viewers (vs. CNN’s 1,187,000), beating CNN for the 16th straight month, up +12% over March 2017 (vs. FOX
News’ -29% and CNN’s -10%).

– “All In” averaged 414,000 viewers A25-54 (vs. CNN’s 378,000), up +2% over March 2017 (vs. FOX News’ -25% and CNN’s -15%).

– “The Rachel Maddow Show” (9-10pm) was the #1 program across all of cable news, winning in both A25-54 (for the 10th time in the last 13 months) and total viewers.

“Maddow” averaged over 3 million total viewers (3,058,000 vs. FOX News’ 3,000,000 and CNN’s 1,125,000), with the program’s best delivery in the time period ever
and beating CNN for the 58th straight month.

“Maddow” averaged 671,000 viewers A25-54 (vs. FOX News’ 616,000 and CNN’s 382,000).

– “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” (10-11pm) was the #1 cable news show in A25-54 and total viewers in its hour.

– “The Last Word” averaged 2,312,000 total viewers (vs. FOX News’ 2,304,000 and CNN’s 1,019,000), up +6 over March 2017 (vs. FOX News’ -10% and CNN’s -10%) and
beating CNN for the 34th straight month.

– “The Last Word” averaged 498,000 viewers A25-54 (vs. FOX News’ 472,000 and CNN’s 372,000), up +4% over March 2017 (vs. FOX News’ -21% and CNN’s -10%).
Fox News thought that they were going to stop Maddow’s progress by putting Sean Hannity’s show at 9 PM, and while Hannity has been competitive with Maddow, his Trump propaganda hour has a low ceiling regarding overall viewership. Unless Trump gets massively popular, it is impossible to see how Hannity can consistently overtake The Rachel Maddow Show.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC are in the midst of doing what many media observers thought was impossible. They are dethroning Fox News as the top cable news network. Rachel Maddow has proven to be the right host at the right time. The country needs an hour of even-keeled factual analysis to offset the White House‘s constant barrage of lies, falsehoods, and emotional outbursts from the president.

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